Numbness Or Tingling

What Causes Numbness Or / And Tingling Your Hands or Legs?

Numbness and/or tingling in your hands or legs is caused by nerve inflammation. When the nerves in your neck or lower back become inflamed you will experience numbness and/or tingling in your hands or arms. The pain may shoot down your arm or leg like an electric shock pain or the numbness or tingling may just come and go depending on your situation. The nerves can become irritated or inflamed by herniated disc, bulging disc, or a pinched nerve. Symptoms can include impaired function of the affected body part due to pain or muscle weakness due to nerve inflammation.

How Do You Treat Numbness and/or Tingling?

In order to treat numbness and/or tingling, we first need to reduce the nerve inflammation. Depending on the cause of the numbness and tingling such as a disc herniation, Spinal Decompression Therapy will be performed to take pressure off the disc and surrounding nerves. Decompressing the disc and nerves, will help reduce the chemical inflammation allowing the nerve to heal properly.

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